Virtual Construction

Virtual Construction is a service developed by Hungarian engineers and is under trademark protection of 4D Books Épületinformatikai Kft. from February 2007.

During provision of the Services, a three-dimensional building model integrating the execution plans of special trades shall be constructed. The building model constructed shall cover any detail, and it cannot be compared with a building model prepared for visual plan, it is much more detailed, precise, and “stereoscopic”. During model building, geometric/technical control is conducted; contradictions or inconsistencies in the plan and the conflicts with plans of the relevant trades are detected. By exploring problems in the plan phase, any contradictions or inconsistencies arising upon subsequent execution, and also inaccuracies or delays arising from the same can be prevented.

The building model constructed virtually (by computer), in addition to the exploration of contradictions or inconsistencies of the plan and other problems, has a great advantage: the quantities of the building elements may be produced with minute detail. If plans are amended, such quantities shall be up-dated in respect of the whole building and every trade.

Virtual Construction is advantageous as precise and itemised budget of quantities exclusive of prices is available, implying competitive advantage during a subsequent negotiation on construction prices.

By using Virtual Construction, significant costs may be saved.

Downloading PlanMonitor

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